REVIEW: Churro Cocktail & More Holiday Fun at Hollywood Lounge at Disney California Adventure

Hollywood Lounge is offering up some seasonal drinks this holiday season including a Feliz Churro Cocktail and a Mistletoe Mule.

Feliz Churro Cocktail ($14.00)

This cocktail features frozen horchata and churro-flavored rum with a cinnamon sugar rim. Horchata is the most dominant flavor, and the only part that screams churro is the cinnamon sugar rim. Maybe it’s because churros shouldn’t be frozen, or creamy, but it just doesn’t taste like a churro. If you like horchata, you will probably really enjoy this drink, just don’t expect it to taste particularly like a churro.

Mistletoe Mule ($12.25)

This cocktail features cranberry orange lemonade and ginger ale with vodka. It’s a wonderful holiday take on a Moscow Mule. Since it is made with ginger ale instead of ginger beer, even those who aren’t normally a fan of Moscow Mule’s may enjoy this variation. Surprisingly, it isn’t overly tart or sweet, but a nice balance between the two, and quite refreshing.

Also available:

Wonderland Hot Chocolate ($11.50)

Winter Hot Chocolate – non-alcoholic ($4.99)

Fireside Cider ($11.50)

Holiday Cider – non-alcoholic ($4.99)

Seasonal Beers

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