REVIEW: Grandma’s Recipes – Festival of Holidays 2018 at Disney California Adventure

The Grandma’s Recipe booth at Festival of Holidays was hit or miss. The food largely lacked in presentation, but they did have the cutest gingerbread cookie that we’ve seen in the parks.

Beef Pot Roast on a Potato Roll ($8.50) 

The beef pot roast was a decent sandwich. The pot roast was tender, and the potato bun was hearty. The horseradish cream added a necessary zing of flavor. Unfortunately, it was a bit dry since the horseradish cream drizzle was the only other component to the dish. It would definitely be improved by the addition of an au jus or gravy.

Candied Yams ($7.50) 

The yams were uninspired to say the least. They were soggy, chewy, and devoid of flavor or texture. They honestly tasted like cold, limp sweet potato fries that were a couple days old. Even the marshmallow cream was impressively bland. We all agreed that this was one of the worst items at Festival of Holidays.

Gingerbread Mickey ($5.25)

The Gingerbread Mickey cookie was the cutest gingerbread cookie we’ve seen at the parks. What’s even better, is that it was delicious too. The gingerbread was perfectly soft and had a great gingerbread flavor without being too intense. We loved this cookie!

Merry Cherry Pineapple Punch ($6.00) in a Festival of Holidays Souvenir Tumbler ($9.00)

This punch tasted exactly as you would expect. It was pineapple juice with a hint of cherry. It was sweet and delicious. It’s a great kid friendly beverage option, but I’d love to see an alcoholic version of it offered.The souvenir tumbler is cute and effective. It kept the punch cold and even prevented all of the ice from melting for hours. Worth the $3.00 upgrade if you’re in need of a tumbler.

Festival of Holidays will run through January 8, 2018.