REVIEW: New Gingerbread Churro & Marshmallow Fluff Dipping Sauce

Gingerbread Churro Disneyland

Churros for breakfast is the only way to go during the Holidays at Disneyland. We started our morning off with the Gingerbread Churro with Marshmallow Fluff Dipping Sauce.

Gingerbread Churro with Marshmallow Fluff Dipping Sauce –

$5.25 plus $1.00 for Dipping Sauce

Gingerbread Churro at Disneyland

We were pleasantly surprised that this churro is not as sweet as we expected. The gingerbread smell was stronger than the actual taste with this churro. The marshmallow dipping sauce, available for $1.00 extra, is a must. It adds just enough sweet and compliments the gingerbread taste. Overall we recommend this festive churro if you want to enjoy a Disneyland classic but don’t want something overly sweet.

Gingerbread Churro at Disneyland

The Gingerbread churro is available at the Churro Cart in front of Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland through January 6, 2019.