REVIEW: New Holiday Churro Sundae at the Disneyland Resort


Disneyland, Golden Horseshoe, Churro Sundae, Holiday

The new Churro Sundae boasts well rounded ingredients from its peppermint ice cream, filled churros, and brownie garnishments.  If you are curious about trying this sundae, you can purchase it at the Golden Horseshoe located in Frontierland.

Churro Sundae – $7.49

Disneyland, Golden Horseshoe, Holiday Green Alien, Churro Sundae, Holiday

This Holiday Offering at the Golden Horseshoe is much more than just a Churro Sundae. This sweet treat includes peppermint ice cream, with brownie chunks, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. It is garnished with two churros filled with Cateja. If you’re unsure what Cateja is, think dulce de leche. The ice cream is good and the brownie chunks add a nice rich flavor to the sundae. The churros were good as well. However together, the sundae and the churros were not cohesive flavors. Each piece of this sundae stood alone and did not come together to form the collective “Churro Sundae.” This dessert would work if you are at the parks with a friend who really wants a filled churro, but you are in the mood for ice cream.  Give this a try if you want two desserts in one.