REVIEW: New Holiday Treats from Cars Land Cozy Cone Motel at Disney California Adventure

Disneyland has become the go-to source for celebratory festivals, and they put on quite the spread in doing so. From New Years Eve to Dia de los Muertos, for food, features, and decorative indulgence, Disney Parks cannot be outdone. Fresh off the exceptional, if extended, Halloween Time extravaganza, Disney California Adventure now plunges headlong into its wildly popular Festival of Holidays.

DCA Holiday Decor 11/2

Beyond the the twelve Festival Carts, lining much of DCA’s primary parade route, the resort has rolled out a holiday host of specialty items at all our favorite restaurants, marketplaces, and vendors. Cozy Cone Motel, in Cars Land, an already adorable eatery, has eagerly joined the jolly celebration.

Cozy Cone has rolled out a new macaron, savory chicken pesto cone, new ice cream topper, and, of course a fresh pair of festive churros.

Radiator Springs Churrios..

The current most lucrative dream job may be that of creative churro creator for the Disneyland Resort. It seemed like new flavor and color varieties adorned every outlet at Halloween Time. This new holiday celebration will not be out done, and we are all blessed as a result. Churros are an exceptional vehicle for Disney taste and spectacular creativity. With thankfully rare exceptions (see Sour Apple), Disney Churro creations are subtle and divine. How can you go wrong with a hot, elongated doughnut (again, see Sour Apple), wrapped in a holiday blanket of sweetness?

Gingersnap Churro – $5.29

Pumpkin Spice Churro – $5.29

The Cozy Cone holiday duo proudly represent this latest creative class. Both flavored sugar toppings are subtle. That’s particularly why they were popular with our group. Each may come with an optional cream cheese dipping sauce at no extra charge. It pairs wonderfully with both, though one could argue successfully that neither needs it. Guests ought not avoid these items even if pumpkin or gingerbread are not among their favorites. Beyond an initial kiss of flavor, what you get is another exceptional Disney delight.

Luigi’s Chicken Pesto Cone – $8.99

The savior of those slogging their way through the excess of holiday sweetness. Disney guests cannot live on sugar alone. Those who try will welcome the savory sanctuary to be found in Luigi’s Chicken Pesto goodness. Creamy pesto Alfredo pasta, marinated chicken, balsamic reduction, Bruschetta tomatoes and Romano cheese will restore hours of energy, and probably years to your life. Wrapped in a light pretzel-approximate cone, as your holiday diet goes completely off the rails, this incredible concoction is the insulin for which your body is screaming.

Santa Cone Hat Macaron – $5.99

Right back on the sugar train, Cozy Cone Motel offers yet another delightful dessert. Disney makes magic with their macrons. Epcot guests are often torn whether to knock out an eventually impacted attraction or head directly to France for confectionery indulgence. While the Santa Cone Hat is L’Artisan des Glaces-level charming, as a treat it made us pump the breaks.

Wrapped around yet another cookies and cream filling (along with peppermint, may be the official flavor of the festival), the adorable cone made for a marginal cookie. It is possible our enthusiasm was tempered by an extended day of sweet sampling, but having had a myriad of incredible Disney macarons in many guises, this one didn’t live up to any of them.

Road Gravel – $.99

A charming addition to the Cozy Cone vanilla, chocolate, or “Twist” soft serve ice cream, Road Gravel is for those who have not filled up on the seven, to a hundred, other Disney holiday peppermint frostings, fillers, and adornments. The item itself is thus not pictured at this time. Crushed candy cane, essentially what it is, on chocolate soft serve will be delicious when we go back for it; certainly better than the surprising swing and miss presented upon the Chocolate Churro over at Disneyland.

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