REVIEW: New Mary Poppins Themed Desserts With Souvenir Spoons At Disneyland

With “Mary Poppins Returns” hitting theaters in less than a month, Disneyland is featuring two new desserts at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. They come with some pretty fancy souvenir spoons as well!

Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Desserts/Spoon 3

Mary Poppins Chocolate Cake and Souvenir Spoon – $13.99

Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Desserts/Spoon 2

The first new dessert is a chocolate cake with a candy flower and a cherry on top. This cute dessert is shaped like Mary Poppins’ classic hat. It was dense and rich, but not necessarily in a good way. I wish I had let it sit out for a good twenty minutes before eating it because it seemed a little too cold from the refrigerated case it was in. Overall the cake tasted good,  with very flavorful chocolate. I think it may have just been a little bit dry and on the cold side.

Mary Poppins Trifle and Souvenir Spoon – $13.99

Jolly Holiday Mary Poppins Desserts/Spoon

If you really want the souvenir spoon, I’d pick this dessert over the chocolate cake. This classic trifle, with the pretty silver spoon, is worth the money in my opinion. The cake layers were moist, due to being squished between pudding and fruit, which was delicious. The fruit was not overly sweet and neither was the cake or pudding, which would make the trifle a refreshing dessert to have at the end of a meal. I was a little surprised at how small this one was compared to the chocolate cake, but it was worth it for the taste.

Overall, these desserts are a cute way to celebrate Mary Poppins. Having them at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe, which is themed after the original Mary Poppins, felt like a fun well-themed experience. If you are a Mary Poppins fan, the souvenir spoon is one to get and the experience of having them at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe was definitely a bonus.