REVIEW: Rancho Del Zocalo Holiday Food Offerings

Rancho Del Zocalo is the place to go if you are ever craving Mexican food while at Disneyland. This season, their holiday additions to the menu showcase festive twists on year-round favorites. You can find Rancho Del Zocalo tucked away in Frontierland surrounded by colorful decorations.  Overall this is a menu I would absolutely take the time to try when visiting Disneyland this time of year!

Chile Relleno – $12.99

Disneyland, Fronteirland, Rancho Del Zocalo, Holiday, Entree
The Chile Relleno is easily the best holiday offering from Rancho del Zocalo. The tasty stuffed chili pepper is served with both red and green sauce with Queso Fresco on top. Often times when Chile Relleno is made to serve, the dough around the chili pepper gets a bit soggy, but this is not the case with Rancho del Zocalo’s version. The texture is consistent and the flavor is outstanding. It can be a bit spicy to those who are sensitive to heat. I hear some guests complain about the authenticity of Rancho del Zocalo’s Mexican foods, but one of those critics in our group was impressed with this dish. The rice, beans, and even picked vegetables were all to our liking as well. This dish is a must-try!


Dessert Nachos – $7.99

Disneyland, Fronteirland, Rancho Del Zocalo, Holiday, Dessert
This dessert item is a fun twist on a savory favorite! The Dessert Nachos include tortilla chips covered in cinnamon sugar, sweet apple chunks, caramel drizzle, vanilla sauce, and whipped cream on top. The chips themselves are tasty on their own mimicking churros, but when mixed with the apple pie filling, the dish is amazing. I appreciated the Mickey shape to the whipped cream on top, even though ours wasn’t perfect. The only downside of this dish is that if you do not eat the chips fast enough, they do get a bit soggy.  This is a great dessert to share amongst friends and family.

Frozen Abuelita Hot Chocolate – $5.99

Disneyland, Frontierland, Rancho Del Zocalo, Holiday, Drink, Beverage
Frozen Abuelita Hot Chocolate is the perfect beverage for winter in California. If you are unfamiliar with Abuelita Hot Chocolate, it is a spiced hot chocolate mix made by Nestle. It is true to the flavor that I grew up drinking, but in a blended, slushy version. It is topped with whipped cream and candy cane crumbles giving it a subtle peppermint flavor making it extra festive. On warm days during the holidays at the park, this drink is both nostalgic and refreshing.  Anyone who loves spiced hot chocolate would appreciate the Frozen Abuelita Hot Chocolate!


Sopapilla Cheesecake – $7.99

Disneyland, Fronteirland, Rancho Del Zocalo, Dessert, Holiday

This is not your average cheesecake. The Sopapilla cheesecake is actually soft cheesecake between two pieces of croissant dough sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Unlike traditional cheesecake, it is not overly sweet and dense. Not only was this a unanimous win in our group, but the kids in our tasting party were begging to finish it off for us. This dessert is a light alternative to most of the heavy and sugary sweets offered during the Holiday season.  It is worth getting!