REVIEW: Visions of Sugarplums – Festival of Holidays 2018 at Disney California Adventure

The Visions of Sugarplums booth at The Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure claims to have “sweet treats to awaken your dreams”.  Everything was definitely sweet… some too sweet.

S’mores Frozen Chocolate Milk – $6.00

Everyone in the crew agreed that there was something strange about this chocolate milk (it felt more milk than chocolate), and the marshmallow-infused whipped cream just tastes like molten marshmallows and nothing more. A sweet treat, if not way too sweet.

White Chocolate Cranberry Blondie – $4.75

Delicious! It starts off with a very sweet taste, and the blondie itself is very cake-y, with a nice texture and a taste that keeps it from being too sweet. The cranberrys are a nice touch that make it look good and taste diverse.


Horchata Fudge – $4.75

Throw cinnamon, sugar and rice into a solid fudge bar and you got the Horchata. This thing hits you in layers: sweet, rice-y and then the cinnamon. The problem is that the cinnamon can be quite overpowering. If it’s not your favorite taste, we’d recommend you avoid it. But if you can’t have enough cinnamon, dive in!

Warm Sticky Toffee Pudding – $4.75

This treat is not sticky enough, because it immediately crumbles in your mouth. The actual taste itself is nice, but you can barely feel it, because after the first few seconds all you can taste is the pudding itself, its crumbly texture and nothing more.

Eggnog Wreath Eclaire – $4.75

The menu claims this has an eggnog flavor but it is by far the least sweet item on the booth, because it tastes just like a normal éclair, which isn’t necessarily bad.  The frosting is pretty but crumbles upon cutting and doesn’t add any flavor.  If you want a dessert that is not overly sweet this is the way to go.

Warm Bourbon Cider – $12.00

The cider was just that, slightly warm with a hint of bourbon and a questionable chunk of white fluff floating on top. Definitely not worth $12.

Overall this booth delivered on the promise of sweet treats and can likely offer something for everyone, but nothing was outstanding.