Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues Have Increased For 2019

Just like many prices around the park, the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) has not been immune to a price increase. It’s being reported that dues have increased for 2019.

One example is for a DVC member with Animal Kingdom Kidani Village as their home resort. Last year, dues were $1,078.70. This year, they are $1,172.55. This adds up to about $8.48 more a month, or $101.77 more a year.

Some of the notable increases include an 11% increase for Vero Beach, a 10.98% increase for Hilton Head, and a 9.5% increase for BoardWalk Villas. Some were not quite that high however, with Aulani and the Grand Floridian increasing just over 4%.

A source reported that the main reason for the increase is due to the higher hourly wage that cast members are now being paid, as two-thirds of dues typically go to operating costs such as staffing the front desk and housekeeping. This hourly wage is competitive with others in the industry in the area. Another reason for the increase is increased standards in housekeeping.

The other third of the dues goes towards taxes and reserves and  it is important to note that each resort has an independent budget.