Disneyland Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a New Month-Long Celebration Starting in 2019

Disneyland already has a number of seasonal events throughout the year, but in 2019, Valentine’s Day will be getting similar treatment to many of the other holidays.

Taking place 1/22-2/18/19, Disneyland will host a celebration of the love of Mickey and Minnie for their 90th anniversary together to coincide with Valentine’s Day.

Some years ago, a Valentine’s segment was added to “The Magic, The Memories, and You!” at Disneyland Park

The event will include a Valentine’s display in Town Square, various projections in the evenings on Main Street U.S.A. and the facade of “it’s a small world”, Main Street Vehicles decorations, festive bunting, and banners on lampposts. The famous Mickey floral at the Disneyland Railroad station will also get a new look or the event!

Of course, as with any seasonal celebration at the Disneyland Resort, you can expect a plethora of special food and beverage options. Also, there will be the Minnie’s Valentine Surprise Scavenger Hunt, a paid activity where guests search around the park to ear a prize, similar to the annual Easter egg hunt.

Disney has yet to officially announce the festivities, but should soon.