PHOTOS: New 2019 Light Up Headband Arrives at Disney Parks

Disneyland and Walt Disney World now have new 2019 light up headbands available for purchase. Just like all the other light up headbands in the past, the new headband is also made out of plastic.

The headband features confetti and ribbons as well as a big 20 on one ear and a 19 one the other ear. You can also see the Disney Parks writing in the middle of the headband. The picture above shows the ears with its lights turned off.

Here is another look at the headband. This time the lights are on. The lights also change colors in the headband’s on stage. The lights will rotate between blue, orange, green, white and gold.

The headband is selling out quick, but I am sure they will be restocked at some point. The headband will cost you $20.