PHOTOS: Small World, Castle, Dog and Cat Leggings Arrive at Disney Parks

Four pairs of adorable new Disney-inspired leggings were spotted in Disneyland at the Main Street Clothier.

Disney Cat and Dog Themed Leggings $36.99 Each

First up are a pair featuring various cats from Disney movies including the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, Figaro from “Pinocchio”, Simba from “The Lion King”, and several from “The Aristocats”.

Disney Cat Themed Leggings $36.99

If cats aren’t your thing, there are dog leggings as well. These are also filled with lovable Disney characters including Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch”, “Lady and the Tramp”, Pluto, and even Sultan, the barking footstool from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Also available are more Disneyland-specific pants including these white ones with outlines of Sleeping Beauty Castle.  Personally, I love these but I’m not sure if the light colors will end up becoming see through.

Disneyland Castle Leggings $36.99

Last but certainly not least are the “Small World” leggings.  I will definitely be grabbing these on my next trip and they would pair perfectly with the “Small World” jersey behind them.  In addition to being located at the Main Street Clothier, I also saw this pair at World of Disney Store in Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Small World Leggings $36.99

All leggings are available for $36.99.