VIDEO: Citizen Unveils Commercial Featuring Iconic ‘Im Late’ From Disney’s Alice In Wonderland

Along with the unveiling of Citizen’s newly branded in-park clocks at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort as well as the latest launch of their new Mickey Mouse timepieces, Citizen continues to emphasize time in its latest song choice for its first-ever commercial using iconic Disney music. Paying homage to the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland, the new commercial features a reworking of the iconic song ‘I’m Late’, as sung by the White Rabbit. The global television spot, the first in the brand’s new alliance with Disney, features the famous White Rabbit along with several hidden references to the classic film. Brought to life by creative production partner Townhouse, the classic fairytale is reimagined into a modern wonderland with a combination of live action and CGI featuring Alice, the infamous CheshireCat, Mad Hatter and more.

The story opens with a playful suspense of bunnies rushing a street lined with daisy’s. Among which is our hero, the White Rabbit, in a race against time, but in today’s world. In the first scenario, he’s late to a meeting with Alice and the Mad Hatter who are both on time wearing their Citizen timepieces. In the second scenario, the White Rabbit is late to a showing of ‘Queen of Hearts’ at the Kings Theatre. A modern day Cheshire Cat checks his Citizen timepiece as he enters the theatre on time, only to shut the door closed as the White Rabbit runs to enter, but is too late. Throughout the commercial, those around the White Rabbit, like Tweedledee and Tweedledum, are struck by his rushed persona, while the White Rabbit continues on his quest to be on time.The commercial can be seen globally in two 15 second versions and two 30 second versions starting this fall and will air on select television networks including ABC and FOX, as well as on Roku and in cinema with Screenvision. Each year, Citizen will continue to celebrate their strategic alliance with Disney through the use of an iconic Disney tune for strategic advertising purposes. To discover more about Citizen and its ongoing partnership with Disney, continue to follow at