PHOTOS: Scented Food Pillows Arrive at Disney Parks

Food merchandise fever has swept shop shelves at Disney Parks recently, and now the craze has made its way to pillows. But not just any pillows; these pillows come with the scents of some of Disney Parks’ most iconic snacks.

The pillows include Mickey ice cream bars, ice cream cones, cupcakes, donuts, macarons, and Dole Whips. They all currently sell for $27.99.

Scented Food Pillows ($27.99)

The Mickey ice cream bar and cupcake pillows have a chocolate scent, while the ice cream cone, macaron, and donut pillows smell like strawberries. The Dole Whip pillow, to the surprise of nobody, smell like pineapple.

Donut Scented Food Pillow ($27.99)
Dole Whip Scented Food Pillow ($27.99)
Mickey Ice Cream Bar Scented Pillow ($27.99)

What snack pillow would you like to see next in the series? (I’m hoping for a turkey leg-scented body pillow, myself.) Let us know in the comments below!


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