REVIEW: Birthday Hat Macaron from Cozy Cone – Get Your Ears On Celebration at California Adventure

Sadly there is only one Get Your Ears On; A Mickey and Minnie Celebration offering in Cars Land. The Cozy Cone Motel has a Birthday Hat Macaron. It was fun, it was delicious, and we loved it.

Birthday Hat Macaron – $5.99

It is very sweet. If you are like me then a bite or two will suffice but encourage your sugar loving companions to get this.

The bright blue color is fun as are the sparkly sprinkles. The silver streamer is not edible so be sure to remove that after you get your photos. The outside was light and crisp while the inside was soft and delicious. The texture was perfect. It tastes like sugar on sugar with a hint of blue raspberry and cotton candy. One taster does not generally like blue raspberry so don’t be put off by that.

This is worth the purchase if for no other reason than finding all the hidden sprinkles.

These adults had a blast acting like kids eating this and letting the sprinkles spill everywhere. I can only imagine kids will love it. This cracked apart just like a macaron should.

Nothing says happy birthday like streamers and sprinkles everywhere.