REVIEW: Celebration Mickey Chocolate Churro – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disney California Adventure

In honor of the Get Your Ears On; A Mickey and Minnie Celebration the churro cart in Disney California Adventure near Goofy’s Sky School has special chocolate churro.

Celebration Mickey Chocolate Churro – $5.75

As a chocolate fan I was excited for this. Cast members hand make your churro upon ordering and it is served hot.

Unfortunately this one looks better than it tasted. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the chocolate bomb I was hoping for.

I like sprinkles so the texture of them did not bother me but those who don’t like random added crunch will not like that. It also seemed more like a regular Disney churro with chocolate dust (which the sign makes clear) rather than a chocolate churro like the name.

Even with the addition of the chocolate drizzle it still tasted like a regular churro with a hint of unsweetened cocoa powder. I would much rather have had a regular churro with the chocolate drizzle and sprinkles and then get a delicious chocolate sauce to dip it in.

I can appreciate that it was not too sweet but those looking for in your face chocolate won’t find it here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.