REVIEW: Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe Mickey’s Chocolate Cup and Brownie – Get Your Ears On Celebration at California Adventure

The Fiddler, Fifer, & Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure has one dessert for the Get Your Ears On; A Mickey and Minnie Celebration. This chocolate dessert is a chocolate explosion.

Mickey’s Chocolate Cup and Brownie – $5.49

This is one of the cheaper specialty desserts offered. The title doesn’t give much a description but it was literally a dark chocolate shaped Mickey “cup” with a brownie on the bottom and some grayish cookies n cream fluff on the top.

It is a cute dessert of chocolate on chocolate. The birthday Mickey topper is white chocolate and available on a few other desserts throughout the park. The star sprinkles are a fun colorful addition.

For only $5.49 this is a fairly big dessert and it is very rich and I wouldn’t be able to finish it myself. There is a brown on the bottom coated in chocolate. Even after letting this sit out for 15 minutes the brownie was still super hard and difficult to cut through. They keep these in the fridge case so not sure how much longer this would need to be left out for the brownie to soften up without the dark chocolate “cup” melting.

The cookies n cream flavored gray fluff under the topper was good. Sugary but enjoyable. If you are looking for chocolate then head towards this dessert and hopefully your brownie will be a bit more edible than ours.