REVIEW: River Belle Terrace Cookie Butter Monkey Bread and Mickey Jumbo Pretzel – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland Park.

Get Your Ears On Celebration

It all started with a mouse, but River Belle Terrace in Disneyland is celebrating Mickey with monkey bread. The River Belle Terrace has two items that they are offering as part of the “Get Your Ears On” celebration at Disneyland. The first item is Cookie Butter Monkey Bread. Item two is a Mickey Jumbo Pretzel with dipping sauces. The “Get Your Ears On Celebration” is scheduled to run through May.

Cookie Butter Monkey Bread ($10.00)

Cookie Butter Monkey Bread

The Cookie Butter Monkey Bread is monkey bread covered with cookie butter and vanilla ice cream. It also comes garnished with a cookie butter cookie. When the monkey bread comes out in the skillet, people start turning their heads. The warm cinnamon pull apart bread is delightful on its own. Adding vanilla ice cream, cookie butter, and the cookie butter cookie kick it up to another level. This is a high quality item that is easily shareable.

Mickey Jumbo Pretzel ($11.50)

Mickey Jumbo Pretzel

The Mickey Jumbo Pretzel is a handcrafted Bavarian pretzel with cheese sauce and a sweet mustard sauce to dip the pretzel in. The sweet mustard dipping sauce and the cheese sauce steal the show with this one. The pretzel itself is high quality on its own but those sauces were both on point. I found myself dipping the celery in both sauces just to get a few more bites with those tastes in my mouth. The cheese sauce wasn’t your typical nacho cheese sauce. I’m not a big mustard sauce person, but this sauce was the surprise of the day for me. So tangy and filled with flavor. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

The “Get Your Ears On” celebration is scheduled to go through May. If you have tried either of these items let us know what you thought about them in the comments below.