REVIEW: Royal Street Veranda Double Chocolate Fritters – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland Park

Calling all chocolate lovers! The Royal Street Veranda in New Orleans Square has the perfect new dessert in honor of the Get Your Ears on Celebration at Disneyland Park: Double Chocolate Fritters. If you are in the need of a quick dessert while you stroll through New Orleans Square, then this is a great option for you.

Double Chocolate Fritters – $5.49

double chocolate fritters royal street veranda disneyland

This seasonal treat is made up of three double chocolate chunk fritters tossed in powdered sugar. They may look small in photos, but they were large in size and took about two to three bites to finish each.

The outside was very crisp and a little dry, so at first I was worried the entire fritter would be like that. However, the inside of the fritter was soft and fluffy, and filled with a small amount of gooey chocolate.

double chocolate fritters royal street veranda disneyland

double chocolate fritters royal street veranda disneyland

While I wish there had been more gooey chocolate in the center, overall I enjoyed these Double Chocolate Fritters. They aren’t too rich in taste, so even people who aren’t crazy about chocolate desserts will like a bite of these. And they make a great snack for waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean!

Have you tried any of the foods from the Get Your Ears On Celebration? Which have been your favorite so far?