REVIEW: Smokejumpers Grill Confetti Cake Shake and “Share Your Ears” Cheeseburger – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disney California Adventure

Smokejumpers Grill in the Grizzly Peak area of Disney California Adventure is offering two items for the Get Your Ears On; A Mickey and Minnie Celebration. In addition to the Confetti Cake Shake and “Share Your Ears” Cheeseburger they also have the Mickey Sipper Cup available.

“Share Your Ears” Cheeseburger – $14.99

As far as burgers go this was your typical Disney park burger with a bit of a smokey char taste. I can appreciate the photo opportunity this provides and the main burger plus two sliders was as a lot of food but for almost $15 I likely wouldn’t get it again. This could easily be shared between two or three people or with your kids but does not come with any sides.

The sliders are just a burger patty and slice of almost melted cheese which makes them completely customizable. There is a full topping bar offered with your typical condiments of ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, lettuce, pickles, onions and tomatoes.

The big burger comes with a smokey Thousand Island dressing which can be left off. If you have a group that is hungry and wants the Mickey shaped burger photo op then you won’t be disappointed nor overwhelmed. I wish a bit more attention would have been put on melting the cheese. The bun was soft but nothing special. Overall consensus: cute but average.

Confetti Cake Shake – $5.99

Following in the path of the burger this shake was average. It was good but not amazing. If you like vanilla and birthday cake flavors then you will enjoy this. The Mickey shaped sprinkles were a cute touch and at six dollars it isn’t over priced as the serving was generous.

The actual shake was not hand made with ice cream but rather pumped out of a rather unglamorous soft serve machine. The flavor and consistency reminded me of a vanilla In-n-Out shake. If you like those you will like this. I’d suggest leaving this out for a bit to let it melt and mix everything together to enjoy the birthday cake chunks and frosting drizzle.

It does look like it will be overly sweet which it was not. On a hot day this would be a solid purchase and kids will certainly enjoy.

Follow along with us all weekend as we bring you reviews of all the Get Your Ears On Celebration.