REVIEW: Strawberry Churro with Chocolate Dipping Sauce – Valentine’s Month Celebration at Disneyland

Disneyland is celebrating Valentine’s Day for an entire month. They have released even more food and drink options for our pleasure. The Strawberry Churro with Chocolate Dipping Sauce is among the new options and can be found at the churro cart near Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Disneyland has been all aboard the specialty churro train for the past year, and this churro continues that trend.

The Strawberry Churro with Chocolate Dipping Sauce ($5.75)

Churro getting rolled in strawberry sugar
The Strawberry Churro
The Strawberry Churro dipped in the chocolate sauce

The Strawberry Churro was good, but a classic cinnamon-sugar churro is still my favorite. The strawberry sugar was solid though. I did, however, find the chocolate dipping sauce to be awful. Cold chocolate dipping sauce ruined the hot churro. Hot chocolate sauce might have tasted better though I can’t be sure. I would recommend just eating the strawberry churro and leaving the chocolate sauce behind. This could be the treat for you if you are a strawberry loving kind of person.