PHOTO: Magic Carpet Ears Come to Disneyland, Coming Soon To Disney World

You’ll be shining, shimmering and splendid with the newest pair of Minnie ears.

The new magic carpet ears, which were posted on the Disney Style Instagram account, feature sequins in the color of Jasmine’s torquise costume.

The bow matches the design from Aladdin’s magic carpet, with tassels and a turquoise gem in the middle.

The new Aladdin-themed ears come just weeks after the newest trailer for the live-action film. Luckily, designers decided against using the shade of CGI Genie blue that has given us nightmares for the past few weeks.

The magic carpet ears are already available at Disneyland Resort and will be available soon at Walt Disney World Resort.

A price has not been released, but ears typically sell for $27.99.