REVIEW: Banana Pudding Churro – Get Your Ears on Celebration at Disneyland Park

The Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland Park can’t stop, won’t stop with its never-ending food offerings.  The Banana Pudding Churro with a side of dipping sauce sounded interesting enough for a trek out to Disneyland at the risk of getting rained on. The things you do for love.

The Banana Pudding Churro can be found at the Churros near Haunted Mansion cart. (They’re very straightforward with churro cart names at Disneyland.)

banana pudding churro disneyland

The banana flavor isn’t really present in the churro. It pretty much tastes like a plain churro… but the dipping sauce is phenomenal. It tastes just like banana pudding.

banana pudding churro disneyland

The churro costs $6.25 and is only available through the remainder of the Get Your Ears On Celebration. If you’re a fan of banana pudding, make sure you get this!