PHOTOS: New Casey Jr. Popcorn Bucket and Dumbo Sipper Come Around the Track at Disneyland Park

Casey Jr.’s comin’ round the track, and he’s bringing snacks… and a Dumbo sipper! They combine to form the latest addition to the Disneyland popcorn bucket and sipper line, and when put together, they’re pretty amazing. We found these at the lemonade slushee cart across from the Matterhorn popcorn stand, but they’re available in Fantasyland as well.

Let’s start off with the popcorn bucket and move our way to the sipper.

Casey Jr. Popcorn Bucket – $17.00

Casey Jr. has come to town and he’s not playing around. For Dumbo fans, this is definitely a must-have piece. Casey Jr. comes with a serving of popcorn and a matching themed strap.

Yes, people. The whistle actually pops out and is fully functional. It’s stuff like this that puts us into full-on “Take our money, Disney” mode.

Dumbo Sipper – $18.00

The Dumbo Sipper will run you $18.00, but he does come with your choice of frozen beverage. Dumbo sits in one of Casey Jr.’s train carts. See that little latch on the right side, though?

That’s right, they’re meant to act as a set! Dumbo trails behind in his cart while Casey Jr. chugs along. It’s the perfect match.

At roughly $35 for both pieces, you’re looking at a relatively expensive plastic train set, but for Dumbo fans old and new, this is an adorable snack set.

Will you be heading into Disneyland for some lemonade and cracker jack? Let us know in the comments!