PHOTOS: New Genie Hat Spotted in Disneyland, Coming Soon to Walt Disney World

Disney is hitting us right in the feels with this new Genie baseball hat, and we are so, so grateful they went with the animated classic Genie. (Consider that a wish granted.) We found this character cap at The Mad Hatter in Fantasyland at Disneyland.

The cap features Genie’s face and his signature ponytail (and gold metal hair tie.) His face is embroidered in black onto the light blue cap.

The back is fully adjustable and the entire hat has a soft, thick, plush feel to it.

His pointy ears are a prominent part of the hat, with his signature hold hoop earring on one side.

This amazing hat costs $29.99 and we expect it to be rolled out to Walt Disney World as we near the premiere of the live-action film on May 24th, 2019.