PHOTOS, VIDEO: Jessie’s Critter Carousel Makes Its Big Debut at Disney California Adventure

A few weeks ago, we got a special sneak peek at Jessie’s Critter Carousel with Jessie still wrapped up in some protective layers. Critter rehearsal was in full swing yesterday, and today, the attraction soft-opened for guests at Pixar Pier. We took a couple of rides on it and got to take in all the details. There are so many small details embedded into this ride, you could ride it a handful of times and still notice a new critter or two each time. That being said, we’ve broken down this in-depth look into sections for your reading and viewing pleasure, including a ride video!

First off, it’s the star of the show: Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl!

Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl

You’ve probably seen these same photos a hundred times, but we still can’t get over how cute Jessie looks. The detailing on her clothes and hair, and even the type and ropework on the sign are amazing.

Critter #1.

Look at the detailing on her braid! That belt! The woven fabric! They even included her pull string.

Carousel Critters

Jessie may technically be the star, but we all know what you’re really here for, and it’s these darn cute critters.

We’re particularly obsessed with both of these: a log bench that houses a large family of owls…

We love the different facial expressions on all of them. Especially that derpy owl to the right.

… and this skunk that you can ride backwards.

That’s right, this li’l scoundrel is riding tail-first. It’s details like these that make us crack up, and we really appreciate the thought that went into all this. (Let’s just hope it holds up.)

A buzzard and deer.

An armadillo.

A better look at the cotton-tail deer.

A grinning turtle and raccoon.

In this photo, you can see a snake and bunny rabbit as well.


One thing we hadn’t been able to get a proper glimpse of up until yesterday is the mural that surrounds the attraction, which features elements from an old desert town in the wild west. Check out that tumbleweed. We also really love that apathetic rooster.

A spiky cactus features a whole host of funky owls and bats.

Look, a tiny mouse hidden in the apple barrel!

More derpy birds.

Woody also makes a special cameo appearance!

Once you’re done cooing over that flying squirrel, check out the “J” on the bottom of the lantern, featuring a silhouette of Jessie’s hat and braid.

At first glance, this is just a cute bunny waving, right?

Nope. Stinky Pete has had better days.

Hang in there, Bullseye.

Deer, a cat, a wild dog, and even a bear make an appearance!

We love the badger, too. Fans of Toy Story Mania next door will notice that the critters on the carousel are the same as the “prizes” guests can win at the end of Toy Story Mania.


The queue wraps around the interior of the carousel. The posted waitin’ time was 20 minutes.

The controls for the ride are housed in a shack that looks like an old western outhouse.

Ride POV Video

Enjoy this full ride-through of Jessie’s Critter Carousel and see what it’s like to spin around on your own wild critter. The carousel features classic renditions of songs from Woody’s Roundup and other Toy Story soundtracks.

With Jessie’s Critter Carousel finally making its rounds, it looks like we’re in for a yodeling-good time!