PHOTOS: New Build-It-Yourself Enchanted Tiki Room Diorama Now Available at Disney Parks

There’s a new way to bring home memories of Walt Disney World (and Disneyland, too!) We spotted the first set of these build-it-yourself cardboard dioramas back in December, but this one was clearly missing from the group of classic attractions. Each 14-piece set shows a memorable moment from a Disney Parks attraction, and in this one, you’re getting a glimpse of all the splendor of Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.

We love the inclusion of the Barker Bird in this diorama. (The original Disneyland Barker Bird, whose name by the way was Juan, flew the coop after continually attracting a flock of gawkers and restricting access to Adventureland.)

The composite of six scenes, or layers, and eight connector pieces, makes a picture-perfect scene.

The diorama set costs $16.99. We found it at Agrabah Baazar in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. Will you be adding this to your collection of dioramas?