PHOTOS, REVIEW: New Ramone’s Serv-ICE Brings Themed Frozen Coolants to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Get ready to add spark to your cool, because a new refreshment stand is open in Ramone’s House of Body Art in Cars Land. The grand opening of Serv-Ice is unveiling four new slush drinks: World Grand Freeze, Red’s 4 Alarm Fire, Groovy Glacier, and Dinoco Blue. You may be wondering how similar these drinks are to the ones available at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff. Well, we’re putting them to the taste-test. Let’s step into the garage and check them out!

If any of the flavor combinations they have set up don’t really speak to you, there’s also room for customization. You can mix and match any of the four slush flavors available and create your own layered frozen beverage.

The Rust-eze motor oil canisters up top are a great touch.

Now, let’s get right into the frozen treats.

Groovy Glacier – $6.49

This explosion of colored sugar is the Groovy Glacier. It’s pretty, but it’s a mess.

It’s certainly better than the Rainbow Unicorn Memory Refresher from Bing Bong’s that combines all the flavors, but not by much.

There’s too much going on and layers of swirl glitter in the drink is overkill. It’s way too sugary for my liking.

Red’s 4 Alarm Fire – $5.99

Red’s 4 Alarm Fire was our second favorite.

It has a tropical taste from the mix of juices and the presence of the passion fruit pearls and lime. It reminds me a bit of the Night Blossom from Pandora.

Dinoco Blue – $5.99

We were very excited about a drink covered in gummy dinosaurs, but the child inside us died upon tasting it.

I’d rather drink some motor oil than this. The gummy dinosaurs are of the lowest quality, perhaps purchased from a shop less reputable than a Walmart. They’re harder to chew than a Flying Tire from Luigi’s.

Mello Yello, Blue Raspberry, and Lime just don’t make a pleasant mix here.

At least it takes a pretty picture.

World Grand Freeze – $5.99

The World Grand Freeze is the first of these frozen sugary concoctions at Disneyland Resort that I actually liked.

The grape cuts the sweetness of the cherry and mellow yellow and they mix for a delightful coolant on a hot day. The nerds add a nice sugary crunch.

While it’s not the prettiest of the four, it’s the best.

Well, what do you think of these Instagram-forward frozen concoctions? It’s definitely worth a trip out to Cars Land. Not enough sugar for you? Serv-Ice give you the option to add even more of any of the toppings listed (Nerds, Dinosaur Gummies, Popping Pearls) for just $0.50 more.