REVIEW: Rancho del Zocalo Mickey Hat Dessert – Get Your Ears On Celebration at Disneyland Park

We are now a few months into the Get Your Ears On Celebration and some of the food has been terrific and some not so much. There is still a frozen strawberry horchata available which had mixed reviews.

The Mickey Hat Dessert is not at the dessert counter, but rather found in the refrigerated section by the drinks.

Mickey Hat Dessert – $5.99

It is not the biggest or fanciest dessert you’ll find at Disneyland, but what it lacks in flare it more than makes up for in flavor.

We loved the colorful sprinkles and the Mexican fiesta striped ears.

These fun “ears” were dyed white chocolate.

This simple vanilla mouse was not sweet at all which we appreciated. It says mango glaze, but we could not taste the mango… (but also did not miss it.)

The portion is generous and makes a wonderful light dessert after a heavy Mexican meal or fun snack between rides.

There is a healthy covering of the vanilla mouse which covers the churro crunch filling. I wouldn’t say the filling is crunchy by any means, but it does taste like a Disneyland churro and that is always okay. Definitely worth the $5.99.

There is a thin layer of vanilla cake on the bottom to keep everything in.

This dessert held up well, took some fun pictures and tasted great. This may not have been ready for weeks, but it was worth the wait. What has been your favorite Get Your Ears On dessert?