BLACK SPIRE 101: Everything You Need to Know About Black Spire Outfitters in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Black Spire 101! There’s a universe of information out there on Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, so we’re making an effort to compile each shop, eatery, and experience into all-encompassing, consistently-updated pages filled with one-stop information. Feel free to bookmark these as we will be updating them with all the latest information and photos from inside Black Spire Outpost. These will prove to be essential on your next intergalactic voyage to Batuu, regardless of what coast you’re on. As we publish more of these pages, we will be populating them into a bookmark library, so stay tuned, and make sure you pull on those yellow straps!

Everything You Need to Know: Black Spire Outfitters

After traveling to a galaxy far, far away, you may be in need of some new clothes. Look through a variety of fashionable, yet practical styles fit for any traveler as you make your way through the cosmos.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outfitters

WHERE: Black Spire Marketplace

Tucked away within Merchant Row, Black Spire Outfitters is the place to outfit yourself the latest threads from across the galaxy! Whether you’re going undercover as a handmaiden, stocking up on new Jedi robes after completing building your lightsaber with the Gatherers over at Savi’s Workshop, or simply looking to blend in with the locals, Black Spire Outfitters has you covered. Whatever you’re looking for (or whatever side you’re on,) you’ll be able to find your perfect outfit!

WHAT: “The outfits that you’re looking for.”

Yes, the Black Spire Outfitters will be selling outfits, as the name suggests. Let’s take a look at what outfits you may find within.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outfitters

If you’re looking for something casual, check out this hooded cloak and accessory belt. This is perfect for traveling and is great for accessibility. We may recommend keeping your valuables or Lightsaber a bit closer to you since it might be more visible than your traditional robe. Though this cloak may make the famous cloak wearing crusader, Lando Calrissian, envious if you style it just right.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outfitters

Maybe you’re channeling our new favorite Jedi, Rey, with this outfit, similar to what she wears to Ahch-To when finding Luke Skywalker. This belt includes a place for you to securely clip on your lightsaber hilt as you make your way through your own adventures. Adorable kids Sith outfits will also be available.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outfitters

If you want to channel your inner Sith, look no further than this full ensemble.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Black Spire Outfitters

Here we have more of the traditional Jedi outfits that we’re accustomed to seeing. The neutral browns and tans are similar to what Obi-Wan Kenobi has worn throughout the Star Wars Saga. Maybe you’ve got a Youngling that prefers Rey’s outfit, similar to the tan outfit she wore back on Jakuu, then later updated with the grey color scheme that she adapted later on during The Last Jedi.

Reports online state that all these pieces will be sold separately, so you can mix and match pieces and accessories. While all guests are encouraged to Disneybound for their visit to Galaxy’s Edge, costumes are not permitted for guests over the age of 14.

Are you a fan of these outfits, fit for any occasion you may stumble across in your adventures? Do you think cloaks and capes should make a fashion comeback all across the galaxy?