BLACK SPIRE 101: Everything You Need to Know About Kat Saka’s Kettle in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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Everything You Need to Know: Kat Saka’s Kettle

All the adventure at Black Spire Outpost might leave you in need of a little refreshment. Luckily, Kat Saka’s Kettle has visitors covered. Enjoy “a unique taste of Batuu” and some thirst-quenching beverages when you stop by the kettle! And be sure to check out our full review of everything offered here!

WHO: Kat Saka

Little is known about the stand’s proprietor, other than the fact that Kat Saka is a grain merchant on Batuu.

WHERE: Kat Saka’s Kettle

Venture into the market to find this colorful snack shop, where grains from all over the galaxy are on display. Order a generous, piping-hot helping of this popular and flavorful local specialty popcorn and enjoy it as you explore Black Spire Outpost. Refreshing beverages are also sold here.

WHAT: Outpost Popcorn Mix and Specialty Coca-Cola Products


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Outpost Popcorn Mix – Colorful Blend of Sweet and Spicy Flavors, Popped in Coconut Oil – $6.49

As we learned back in February, Outpost Popcorn Mix is “a popcorn snack combining savory, spicy, and sweet flavors,” cooked in coconut oil. Guests can purchase the popcorn as-is, or in a MSE-6 Series Repair Droid Souvenir Popcorn Vessel. Despite how amazing this entire kiosk is themed, the popcorn falls short of expectations. The purple grains taste like grape and those are good on their own. The red ones taste like spicy cinnamon, almost like Big Red gum. It isn’t great, and depending on who you ask, these are overall terrible. We can’t really recommend the Outpost Mix.

MSE-6 Series Repair Droid Souvenir Popcorn Vessel – $19.99

As stated above, the long-awaited MSE-6 Series Repair (Mouse) Droid popcorn bucket is available at this location.

Specialty Bottled Beverages – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite – $4.99, Dasani Bottled Water – $3.99

As we learned at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, the Coca-Cola products are sold in specially-designed bottles to fit in with the theme of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Each logo has been re-written in Aurebesh, a language used throughout the Star Wars saga. The Aurebeshian Coca-Cola products are undeniably cool, but besides the packaging, there’s nothing really special about them.

If that weren’t enough, Disney produced a special commercial specifically for the new bottles!

If all this talk is making you thirsty, we do have a word of caution: please be advised that specialty bottles are limited to a total of three (3) per person per transaction.

Please note that Kat Saka’s Kettle will not feature Mobile Ordering when it opens. Annual Passholder discounts are also not available at this location.

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