Disneyland to Stop Selling Personalized Star Wars Name Tags to Prevent Confusion with Galaxy’s Edge Cast

If you’re looking to get a custom name tag from a galaxy far, far away at Disneyland, you should make the jump to lightspeed and hurry.

Reports are emerging that the resort will stop selling customized Star Wars name tags soon, and are selling out their current stock, while supplies last.

Please Note: This file photo is from Walt Disney World in 2016, and does not reflect current prices or stock.)

This may be your last chance to have your name, written in Aurebesh (the in-world written language of Star Wars), on a name tag.


One theory as to why sales are ending is that the personalized name tags look somewhat like the name tags that cast members will be wearing in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, which opens at Disneyland later this month, and Disney may be looking to avoid confusion.


We have yet to determine whether or not the end of name tag sales will also extend to Walt Disney World, or if sales will cease closer to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disneyland on May 31st, and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on August 29th.


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