PHOTOS: Construction Continues on Pedestrian Bridge and Tram Loading Areas at Pixar Pals Parking Structure in Disneyland Resort

With all of the progress being made at Pixar Pals parking structure, including the construction of the pedestrian bridge and the addition of Character parking level signs, we are excited (if not relieved) at the prospect of finally have more parking options available at the Disneyland Resort. This new structure will be adding 5,000 much-needed parking spaces, and we can only hope this addition will ease the parking process once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens at the end of the month. Let’s check in on the progress of the Pixar Pals parking structure in its current state, with just ten days left before Black Spire Outpost opens to intergalactic visitors from across the planet.

Adjustments to sidewalks and pedestrian walkways have been made to accommodate for construction in the area.

While character level signage has been posted for a few weeks now, we caught sight of Level 3, featuring Mater and Lightning McQueen. For the first few days of this parking structure opening, anything that isn’t Level 6 would be considered a ka-chow, or a win, in my book.

Construction continues on the pedestrian bridge that will stretch across Magic Way. The addition of this bridge is meant to improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow. It sure will make skipping the trams and walking to Downtown Disney much easier. The bridge will be accessible on the second level of Pixar Pals parking structure.

The escalators and rooftop have come a long way since our last update.

Just past these scrim walls is where the new tram drop-off and pick-up area will be, as well as an adjacent bag check and security screening area.

Brick work and extensive detailing is still going on throughout ground level.

There seems to be an awful lot of work left despite how little time there is left. The parking structure is set to open no later than the end of July, although hopefully it’ll open sooner. The new structure will feature a new electronic parking system to expedite guest parking. (That is, if there’s any left…)