PHOTOS: Even More Sleeping Beauty Castle Spires Revealed, Pixie Dust Elements Added to Castle Facade at Disneyland Park

It’s a big day at Disneyland Park as even more scrim is down surrounding the lovely Sleeping Beauty Castle, debuting some bright, beautiful colors of pink and blue.

And what’s that on the main building? Why, it’s pixie dust, of course! Project Stardust promised a layer of pixie dust to make the castle even more magical, and so far, it’s delivering.

These are the views guests can now see along the path to the left of the castle that leads to Fantasy Faire.

Sleeping Beauty statue and water fountain by the entrance of the walkthrough has finally been unveiled post-refurbishment. While (thankfully) no changes were made to the statue and fountain itself, the entire area around it has been given a fresh coat of paint. The backdrop looks amazing now! (If only they could polish those copper fountains now.)

Last week, we noted that the tunnel leading through the Castle by Snow White’s Wishing Well was covered in scrim. Finally, the scrim is gone and the brick on this side of the castle now matches the other tunnel by Fantasy Faire.

The beautification of Sleeping Beauty Castle has been long overdue after the damage was done to the roof during the 60th Diamond Anniversary at Disneyland Resort. Are you loving this more vibrant color scheme and added pixie dust?