PHOTOS: Every Adoptable Creature at the Creature Stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Looking to adopt a creature from a galaxy far, far away? Look no further than the Creature Stall in the Black Spire Marketplace! At this shop, you’re able to take a look at various cargo and crates that are holding some of the rarest creatures that were acquired from across the galaxy.

A sleepy Loth-cat welcomes you to the creature stall. I’ve never wanted to rub a pet belly so much in my life.

Creature Stall – Location

Black Spire Outpost Map

The Creature Stall is located within the Merchant Row district of Black Spire. It’s next to Toydarian Toymaker, where you can find the best handmade toys, if travel regulations prevent you from bringing back a creature through customs.

Inside the Creature Stall

A bounty of creatures are waiting here to be adopted!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Creature Stall

Adoptable Creatures

Kowakian Monkey-Lizards – $69.99

Porg Puppet – $44.99

Rathar – $29.99

Tauntaun – $39.99

Wampa – $39.99

Puffer Pig – $16.99

Neebray – $19.99

Loth-Cat – $44.99

Mynock – $24.99

Krykna – $19.99

Dewback – $29.99

Worrt – $29.99

Bantha – $39.99