PHOTOS: New Disney Parks Exclusive Metal Earth Model Kits Feature Mark I Monorail, Nautilus, and Disney Trains

We found a hint of modernism tucked away at the rustic Discovery Trading Company in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the form of these new Metal Earth model kits designed after various Disney Parks icons, like the Mark I Monorail, Disney trains, and the Nautilus. We really wish these Metal Earth kits weren’t so difficult to put together, because these all look amazing.

While we spotted them in a somewhat remote location, expect these to be available on both coasts (as is only right, given that most of these are Disneyland-based.) Check out the line of new kits below!

Mark I Monorail Metal Earth Kit – $21.99

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Disney Train Metal Earth Kit – $21.99

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Nautilus Metal Earth Kit – $21.99

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Will you be purchasing and attempting to build one of these kits? Let us know, and feel free to tag us on social media to show off your creations!