PHOTOS: New Magic Mirror, “Imagination Pink” Minnie Ears and Spirit Jersey Coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World on June 15th

It’s been a big day for merch! Just announced by Disney Style on Instagram are these new Magic Mirror and Imagination Pink Minnie Ears (plus a matching Imagination Pink Spirit Jersey.)

I guess this answers the question of what the next trendy color is at the Disney Parks. It seems like they ran out of shades of pink and just settled for good, old fashioned neon pink. A wise sartorial choice? Only time, and the outlets, will tell.

These new Magic Mirror ears, on the other hand, really are nice. The reflective mirroring of the bow gives that retro Epcot feel, while the rainbow sequins set them apart from other sequined ears.

The new ears and Spirit Jersey are set to arrive on both coasts on June 15th, so mark your calendars if this is a merchandise must-have for you!