PHOTOS: New Mexican “Concha” Sweet Bread Minnie Ears Roll Into Disney Parks

Connoisseurs of Mexican baked goods, behold! A new sweet Minnie Ear creation has rolled its way into Walt Disney World, and we expect it to arrive at Disneyland Parks any segundo now. We got a sneak peek at the new Americana Minnie Ears just in time for 4th of July, but these ears truly take the cake. Or the concha, that is. For those of you unfamiliar with the snack, allow me to elucidate: Conchas are traditional Mexican sweet baked breads topped with crackly layers of butter and sugar. Conchas get their name from their round shape and the striped, broken “shell-like” appearance of their topping. You might find them at a gas station or local bakery, but you’ll never see them in this, their ultimate form:

The Minnie Ear Concha headband.

The headband is covered with golden satin fabric and gold velvet lining. The ears themselves are suede with layers of crackled faux white leather on top to imitate the crunchy topping.

The bow in the middle is designed after traditional Mexican textiles, like the dress of a traditional folk dance outfit or a serape. The bow is also covered with clear sequins for an additional sheen. (🎵 We’re three happy chappies, with snappy serapes…🎵)

We love the thought that went into adding the swirly “baked bread” design on the backs of the ears. You often don’t see that kind of attention to detail in many ear designs!

Lastly, we couldn’t help but take these out for a good, old-fashioned Minnie Ear photoshoot.

The afternoon lighting against the gorgeous Mesoamerican pyramid is just too beautiful.

We found these at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot for $27.99, but stay tuned as these are sure to be a hit once they arrive in Disneyland!