PHOTOS: New Tiki Room, Snack Food, Mickey & Minnie Mouse Rain Gear Arrives at Disney Parks

Ole! Ole! Your time drying off in between rain showers will be getting ‘chorter and ‘chorter with this new set of rain gear featuring designs inspired by the Tiki Room, Disney Parks snacks, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The rain gear includes umbrellas and various styles of rain coats to keep you covered during this upcoming rainy season. And while 🎶 it never rains in California, 🎶 don’t say we didn’t warn ya. This rain gear is sure to make it out to Disneyland as well!

Tiki Room Umbrella – $39.99

Mickey Donut Umbrella – $39.99

Minnie Mouse Umbrella – $39.99

Mickey Mouse Umbrella – $39.99

Tiki Room Rain Coat – $49.99

Disney Parks Snacks Rain Coat – $49.99

Mickey Mouse Rain Coat – $49.99

Will you be on the lookout for this rain gear? It’s good to be prepared before you find yourself shelling out money on disposable, plastic ponchos.