PHOTOS: New “Up” Grape Soda Ellie Badge Purse Treks into Disney Parks

You and me, we’re in a club now! Especially with this new Grape Soda Ellie Badge purse. Themed after the movie “Up”, the purse is modeled after the pin Ellie gives Carl when they first meet as children and form a bond over the thrill of adventure. At the end of the movie, Carl awards Russel the pin as a sign of their everlasting friendship:

Okay, we can all stop sobbing now. On to the purse!

What’s incredible about this purse is how unique it is. They didn’t attempt to throw on a crossbody strap (although it probably would’ve come in handy, to be honest.) They literally made the handle a huge safety pin.

The bottle cap effect is achieved with layers of silver faux leather patched on.

The interior of the purse is lined with light purple fabric, just like on the bottle cap logo.

The purse sells for $75.00. We found it at the Marketplace Co-Op in Disney Springs, but it’s been spotted at various locations at Disneyland, so keep an eye out, and remember: The Wilderness must be explored!