PHOTOS: Tiki Mask Returns to New Adventureland Entrance Sign at Disneyland Park

Yesterday, the new Adventureland sign was unveiled at Disneyland Park after being removed for refurbishment back in April. Today, we see the return of the tiki mask on top of the sign.

Adventureland's New Entrance Sign Close Up

The tiki mask has returned to adorn the entrance to Adventureland, where it was previously before it was taken down. Although rather ominous looking, the mask continues to welcome guests into a land of danger, excitement and more!

Adventureland's New Entrance Sign

The entire area is far more open, which will lead to less bottlenecking. Disneyland effectively replaced the 1990’s marquee with a nearly identical sign that stretches all the way across the entry pathway.

Here’s a look at it from the back side. As you can see, many guests are able to flow through, even with strollers.

Adventureland's New Entrance Sign Back View

However, the old thatch hut structure that previously was on the right side, as shown below, doesn’t seem to be making a return to help keep guest traffic flowing in preparation for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening next week.

Adventureland's Old Entrance Sign
Adventureland’s Old Entrance Sign

What do you think of the tiki mask returning? It certainly makes your eye be drawn towards it a bit more than being as plain as it was yesterday. Does it capture that bit of nostalgia while invoking a sense of adventure in your spirit? Let us know in the comments!