Pixar Pals Parking Structure Expected to Open by June 23 at Disneyland Resort

We’ve been following construction on the Pixar Pals Parking Structure at Disneyland quite closely, and while originally Disney Parks slated opening “no later than July”, it seems they’re aiming to open it slightly ahead of that tentative schedule, and just in time for guests without a reservation to the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land.

In a piece by Investor’s Business Daily, it states that the company expects to open the parking lot by June 23 in an attempt to accommodate for the sudden influx of guests following that date.

This new structure will be adding 6,500 much-neededĀ parking spaces, with various levels themed to beloved Pixar films:

The Toy Story parking lot also will be expanded with more than 2,150 additional parking spaces, and additional entrances. Security-screening tents are also being installed right before guests board the Toy Story parking lot shuttles to eliminate screening in the esplanade outside the theme parks at peak times.

We’ll keep you updated as to whether an official opening date is announced in the coming weeks.