REVIEW: Blue and Green Milk Makes Us Blue in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Greetings from Black Spire Outpost! Since the first Star Wars film premiered in 1977, there’s been a sort of mystique around the blue milk seen in A New Hope. What would it taste like? Well, we finally found out thanks to the Milk Stand at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland. Here, the blue and green milks are made with “a frozen plant-based blend of coconut and rice milks.” So, was it worth the wait? Let’s find out!

Spoiler: These are not the milks you are looking for.

Blue Milk – $7.99

FIrst off, I’m okay with Blue Milk, but I still don’t understand why they made both options plant-based. Disney’s clearly struggling to nail down a signature specialty beverage. Disney’s initial attempt at Butterbeer was LeFou’s Brew, and they clearly tried again with these “milks”, but they missed the mark. Why? Well, it all boils down to taste… and in this case, texture. They should’ve made at least one option a dairy option for people who aren’t used to plant-based concoctions.

We were severely underwhelmed by both these milks, but the blue one is definitely the most palatable of the two. I might try it again, but I definitely don’t crave it.

Another thing, these beverages literally come out of a faucet, with decanting taking a total of about 10 seconds. (LeFou’s Brew at least has foam topping.) There’s no real flourish to it, which makes the $8 price tag a bit tough to swallow. These are served frozen, and while you can get the non-frozen version as the Blue Bantha over at Oga’s Cantina, we’re convinced the non-frozen version tastes even worse.

I know we’re beating the point to death here, but the absence of creaminess in these totally throws us off, especially since you’re expecting some kind of mammalian milk. Back when Disney’s Hollywood Studios used to host Star Wars Weekends, they used to offer a blue raspberry milk that was eons better than this.

If you’re still looking to try the blue milk, keep in mind that it’s sweet, but not fruity, and while these are made using coconut and rice milk, I did taste some hints of almond in it.

Green Milk – $7.99

For a lack of better words, the green milk is gross. It tastes foul, and far too herbal… almost like an antacid. No one at the table really liked this drink. Seriously, don’t get this.

If you’re looking to milk (sorry) your time inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, be aware that Mobile Ordering is available at the Milk Stand. We were also promised a Bubo Wamba Family Farms Novelty Drink Vessel, but that has yet to pop up in the land.

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