BREAKING: Disneyland Buckles to Public Pressure and Will Remove Shop from Main Street Cinema

Last Friday, we came to you with the harrowing news that the Main Street Cinema at Disneyland had been turned into… a store. Well, now it appears the pop-up shop won’t even last a week, thanks to resounding guest backlash across both coasts.

In a recent piece by Theme Park Insider, plans to remove the shop have been unveiled as the shop’s merchandise will be removed overnight, and an additional bench installed due to guest feedback.

You may recall that the Walt Disney World’s Main Street Cinema was converted into a store all the way back in 1998, and while it seemed like Disneyland would never pull the trigger on the conversion of their 1955 staple, this (albeit short-lived) conversion still has us feeling somewhat shaken.

Thankfully, the pop-up shop rendered no permanent changes to the space, and once all the merchandise is removed tonight, we hope the cinema will return to its former quaint (and quiet) glory.

Further testing is still in the works for this treasured alcove, so it’ll be interesting, yet somewhat nerve-racking, to see what could potentially come next. Whatever happens, we hope fans and guests alike will be just as vocal about any changes they feel tarnish historical elements and guest experience within the park. (Now, if only we could get this to work with the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World…)

As for the original turnstiles that were removed upon the shop’s opening, it’s unclear that they’ll ever come back. At least we’ll always have Tilly… or so we hope.