PHOTO: Bubo Wamba Family Farms Souvenir Milk Jug Sipper Arrives at Milk Stand in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Bubo Wamba Family Farms is the farming business located on Batuu that provides the local Milk Stand with its endless supply of delicious (well, depending on who you ask) blue and green milk.

Up until now, you could only get the milks decanted into a plain, clear plastic cup, but now you can have them in this super cool Bubo Wamba Family Farms “branded” souvenir milk jug sipper.

It’s now available for purchase at the Milk Stand for $24.99 and comes with your choice of blue or green milk.

The jug comes with a straw and strap and says “Bubo Wamba Family Farms” on it in Aurebesh with a sweet little Thala-siren (green milk) and Bantha (blue milk) printed on it on either side. Best of all, it lights up! (You do have to remove the sticker to access the switch though, which some might consider “damaging” the product.)

Make sure you pass by and get your milk jug during your next travels to Black Spire Outpost! Now I’m thirsty. Curious about trying the milks? Check out our Blue and Green Milk review here.