PHOTO TOUR: New Pixar Pals Parking Structure Now Open at the Disneyland Resort

Today marked the long-awaited opening of the Pixar Pals Parking Structure at the Disneyland Resort. While the crowds didn’t materialize for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the 5000 added spaces will undoubtedly be needed at some point in the future. With additional entry lanes and a new electronic inventory system, the new parking structure should expedite guest parking and reduce traffic around the resort. Of course, the new tram loading area already opened a few days ago to rave reviews.

Let’s take a tour of the new strucutre, shall we?

We begin on level 1: Incredibles.

There are some rough spots as Disney rushed to make the June 30th opening date.

If you can’t find your car, you can always call for some help.

Work continues on the Magic Way Pedestrian Bridge, which is set to be completed by mid-September. This new bridge will connect visitors from Pixar Pals—over Magic Way—to the rest of the resort, allowing guests the option to stroll through the Downtown Disney District to the theme parks’ Main Entrance. By eliminating the foot traffic crossing the street at Disneyland Drive and Magic Way, the new bridge provides convenience, enhances safety, and improves traffic circulation. Until then, guests can walk up the street and through the Disneyland Hotel area.

Level 2 is Coco.

While it is its own parking structure, Pixar Pals is technically connected to Mickey and Friends.

Guests will access the pedestrain bridge from level 2 when it opens.

Level 3 is Cars.

Level 4 is Monsters Inc.

Tape covers signage directing guests to the pedestrain bridge which isn’t open just yet.

Level 5 is Finding Nemo. Poor Marlin never gets included in these things.

Level 6 is Inside Out.

Is this what Bing Bong was talking about when he said “take her to the moon for me”?

For all of the garbage can lovers…

The Pixar Pals parking structure is now open at the Disneyland Resort!