PHOTOS: Every Merchandise Item (with Prices) From Black Spire Outfitters at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Black Spire Outfitters

After traveling to a galaxy far, far away, you may be in need of some new clothes. Look through a variety of fashionable, yet practical styles fit for any traveler as you make your way through the cosmos.

Tucked away within the Merchant Row district, Black Spire Outfitters is the place to outfit yourself the latest threads from across the galaxy! This store is located between Toydarian Toymakers and Kat Saka’s Kettle.

Exterior of Black Spire Outfitters

This small storefront belies a selection of robes that will make you feel at one with the Force!

Inside Black Spire Outfitters

Here, guests can assemble their outfits and become the Jedi Master or Sith Lord they were born to be.

Sadly, the pants and shoes are not available for sale, so you’ll have to supply your own for the full look.

A word of warning before you peruse the selections: guests ages 14 and older are prohibited from wearing costumes (including the robes sold here) inside the park. Guests ages 13 and younger are allowed to wear their robes inside the park, as long as the outfits don’t drag on the ground.

The Outfits You’re Looking For

Rey’s Ahch-To Adult Outfit (Vest) – $59.99

Rey’s Ahch-To Adult Outfit (Top) – $49.99

Rey’s Ahch-To Adult Outfit (Arm Wraps) – $19.99

Rey’s Ahch-To Child Outfit – $79.99

Sith Adult Outfit (Robe) – $124.99

Unfortunately, the Adult Sith Robes weren’t there during our visit, but we were able to obtain a price. As a Jedi Master once said, “Hard to see, the Dark Side is.”

Sith Adult Outfit (Undertunic) – $69.99

Sith Adult Outfit (Overtunic) – $49.99

Sith Adult Outfit (Belt) – $49.99

Sith Child Robe – $99.99

Jedi Adult Outfit (Robe) – $124.99

Jedi Adult Outfit (Undertunic) – $69.99

Jedi Adult Outfit (Overtunic) – $49.99

Jedi Adult Outfit (Belt) – $49.99

Jedi Child Robe – $99.99

So, are you ready to take your first step into a larger world? Will you head over to Savi’s Workshop to complete the look with your own customized lightsaber? Let us know in the comments below!