PHOTOS: New Enchanted Tiki Room and Mickey Mouse Club Printed Backpacks Arrive at Disney Parks

If you saw our post about the printed backpacks that arrived at Disneyland earlier this week, but none of the prints filled you with pleasure and glee, well it’s showtime, you lucky people, you! Today at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, we spotted the line of printed backpacks on the east coast that we’d already seen at Disneyland, but with two new additions to the lineup: an Enchanted Tiki Room inspired print and a Mickey Mouse Club print!

Tiki Room Printed Backpack – $29.99

tiki room backpack

Just like the backpacks in our last post, the Tiki Room printed backpack comes equipped with two cup holders on the side, a small front pouch and a large pocket in the inside, with padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

Mickey Mouse Club Printed Backpack – $29.99

It’s cure that they gave this vintage staple a modern flare with the stylized Mickey Mouse hat designs. This backpack features the same pockets, side mesh holders, and padded straps.

emporium printed backpacks

This Enchanted Tiki Room print might just be our favorite of the whole set! You can find the whole collection in the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, priced at $29.99. You can expect these prints to be available at Disneyland Resort as well!