PHOTOS: Popular “Toy Story 4” Forky Plush Pulled From Store Shelves Due To Potential Choking Hazard

Forky’s just a piece of trash with an identity crisis, but we love him all the same. Now, if you or your little ones happened to fall in love with the recent Forky plush doll that was recently released in Disney Parks and on shopDisney, we’d like to help you avoid a crisis on your end, too.

In what seems like an ironic, yet accurate twist, it appears the popular Forky plush has been quietly recalled by the parks due to safety concerns.

Toy Story 4 merchandise is on display at World of Disney with a giant Forky characer and Forky merchandise on display.

The plush, while adorable and incredibly close to Forky’s design in the film, poses a choking hazard by way of the googly eyes, which have reportedly fallen off on multiple plush, as well as the poseable wire arms, which also come off.

The Forky plush back when it first became available at MouseGear in Epcot.

While the larger googly eye appears to be stitched on around the edges, the smaller eye appears to have been glued on, allowing for it to potentially pop off.

Over at Once Upon A Toy in Disney Springs, the plush has been pulled from all the shelves displaying Toy Story 4 merchandise:

Merchandise Cast Members at retail locations across the resort have also been asked to pull any remaining Forky plushes from shelves and displays.

Nope, not one Forky.

No official recall has been issued yet, but do be mindful of these potential hazards if you currently own a Forky plush. The plush is expected to return to shelves once the product design issue is resolved.