PHOTOS: “The Snackin’ Place” Highly-Themed Lemonade and Churro Stand Now Open in Critter Country at Disneyland Park

Feelin’ peckish after a long day out pickin’ lemons? Well, look no further than this new snack cart over in Critter Country.

The Snackin’ Place sells churros and lemonade over by Hungry Bear Restaurant. It’s the newest snack cart to hit Critter Country, replacing the previous lemonade stand that was removed from New Orleans Square, near The Haunted Mansion.

The result is this cute, combined churro-cart-meets-lemonade-stand combo.

We love the sign that accompanies the stand. Peckish?

Country kitchen motifs wrap around the front of the stand, featuring lemons, flour, and sugar. All the ingredients needed to make pipin’ hot churros and a nice, cold frozen lemonade.

These tiny birdhouse doors are scattered throughout the stand walls, adding an adorable extra level of detail.

Why, even the inside of the cart is themed. This here’s a true country kitchen!

Even more birdhouse doors out on the sides.

This larger birdhouse acts as the cash register, which is insane.

This is arguably the nicest snack cart we’ve seen outside of Tokyo, which is really saying something. If you’re keen on this new snack cart and are thinking about passin’ on by for a snack, definitely check out the Snackin’ Place.